Featured Athlete: The Roberts Family

Featured Athlete: The Roberts Family

My husband and I started working out at a local gym after the birth of our fourth child. He actually started first and then encouraged me to come with him. At first, I didn’t like the gym, but with his help, I grew to enjoy it. We become knowledgeable about the gym equipment, but after awhile our gym routines began to feel monotonous.


We were invited to try Crossfit at a home gym with friends. We instantly loved it! We found the diversity of Crossfit and the challenge of learning new things exciting!

Eager to learn more we decided to join an affiliate. We chose Crossfit Lumberton for it’s location and family- friendly kid room. From the very first day we felt motivated and welcomed by the coaches and members.

Nearly twenty months later, we are so thankful we decided to join Crossfit Lumberton. We are stronger, healthier, and more confident than we started. The friendships we have made there go beyond the gym. Their encouragement and positive impact make crossfit something we look forward to everyday.

Recently, our oldest daughter, Hollie, was able to become a member with us. She loves being apart of Crossfit and is always ready for class! Crossfit has noticeably improved her strength, stamina, and confidence.

Crossfit for us has become a family passion. We love supporting each other as we grow individually and as a family. We are excited to see what the future holds for us and all of our upcoming little crossfitters!



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