Featured Athlete: Wendy Holst

Featured Athlete: Wendy Holst

Wendy has been with us since our doors opened. She had a few worries and inhibitions from the start, but we assured her that if she kept coming in, she would see great results. She has become a great athlete, and continues to show improvement every single week. She is proof that anyone can do this, and a walking role model for anyone who may think that CrossFit is only for “20-somethings” that are “already in shape.” We had her write up her bio a few weeks ago and she looks even better now than she did then!When I first walked into CrossFit Lumberton I was totally intimidated! I knew there was no way I could do the things they were doing for that daily WOD. I am not even sure why I stayed that day, but I did and I thought I was going to die! I continued to go for the next two weeks wondering every day “why am I doing this?” I was not even close to being in any kind of shape for the stuff they were doing in CrossFit – running, squats, pull-ups, lifting weights, etc. I was having to scale everything I did back just to get through a class. Sean and Clayton helped me every single day encouraging me and pushing me through each WOD telling me it was ok and I was doing good. After my two free weeks I signed up for CrossFit – I was addicted!

In April when I signed up for Crossfit I weighed 196 pounds with a 42 inch waist, I thought if anything was going to help it would be CrossFit. I kept going day after day not feeling like I was getting any better. I was struggling to get through every class but I always had the support of the coaches and all of the Crossfit members. Even when I was the last one to finish the other members would be right there pushing me and encouraging me the whole time! It was wonderful! After one month of Crossfit I went to the gym that I still belonged to just to check and see if I was getting stronger. I got on the machines I used to use and was able to do more weight than ever before – I was ecstatic!

As time passed I started noticing some changes in my body and how I was feeling. I noticed my pants were getting a little lose so I went to my sister’s house and weighed myself (I don’t own a scale), I had lost 16 pounds in two months. I was so excited it I could not believe it! Sean and Clayton started talking about a Paleo challenge for CrossFit members so I signed up! I started eating better and working harder than ever at CrossFit. After I started eating healthier I was feeling better than ever! I don’t remember what my weigh in weight was on June 1, but by August 1 I had lost down to 170 pounds with a 35 inch waist. This was proof to myself that I could do whatever I set my mind too!

Crossfit is never easy and I push myself harder and harder every day. I have gotten better at some things we do in Crossfit and I still struggle with other things but I know with the support of Sean, Clayton and all the members of Crossfit Lumberton I will continue to get stronger and healthier! There is nothing like having the support and encouragement from people who were once where I am today.

Today October 8, 2012 I am at 158 pounds with a 33 inch waist!

Thank you Crossfit Lumberton I couldn’t have done it without you!



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