Featured Athletes: Elliott and Jessica Wohlferd

Featured Athletes: Elliott and Jessica Wohlferd

Jess and Elliott before starting training with CFL
Jess and Elliott before starting training with CFL
We are both Navy veterans, so we’re not strangers to hard work and demanding exercise routines, but like many people these days, we got away from exercising and eating right and each ended up lugging 50+ extra pounds around. We made excuses and got caught up with our kids and their routines and never made much effort to do anything about how unhealthy we were getting.
Jess: I actually wanted to try CrossFit Lumberton long before I finally did. I kept seeing the yard signs around town and I told Elliott, “I think I want to see what that CrossFit thing is.” We checked out the website and I sort of stalked crossfit.com and the CFL website for a little while. Around the time I had planned to try a free Saturday class, I was diagnosed with cancer. I decided to put off trying CrossFit until I had been cleared medically for fear that I would be unable to exercise longer than I hoped. Finally, cancer free and cleared for normal activity, I decided it was time to take the first step. I tried a free Saturday class in the middle of December 2012. I remember finishing the warm up and stretching portion of the class and then Sean told us we needed to get ready for the workout. I was totally confused! I thought we were done because I thought the warm up was the workout! I decided to suck it up. It had been 18 months since I had done much exercise at all. I was at my all-time high weight and needed to do something about it. At the end of that class, I threw up, but I was hooked! After that, I read on the CFL website that they were doing a two weeks free promotion starting the second week of January, but I didn’t want to wait another second, so I pestered Clayton and Sean into letting me finish my on-ramps between Christmas and New Years. On January 2 of this year, I completed my first real WOD. It was Grace. I thanked my lucky stars that it was quick and dirty! I went home and started telling Elliott about how much I loved working out at CFL. I convinced him to try a few of the free classes in January and we went together.
Elliott: When Jess told me she wanted to try CrossFit, I was hesitant, thinking it’s just another exercise program that will cost us money with little results to show for it. As a result, I decided to wait and see how it worked for her before I entertained the idea. After a few weeks of seeing her come home following WODs having obviously worked as hard as she ever had, I decided to give the free classes a shot to see how it worked for me. My biggest struggle with working out has always been the lack of variation associated with the typical gyms and the lack self-motivation to really push myself beyond my perceived limits. At CrossFit we get a varied routine and a “team” type atmosphere that keeps me motivated to keep going, even when I’m exhausted and one more rep seems nearly impossible. I signed up in February and haven’t looked back! The coaches and other members encourage us and hold us accountable which makes the whole process enjoyable despite the challenge. I still struggle to complete many of the WODs but notice improvement from the previous times I performed each exercise and look forward to Rx’ing workouts on a regular basis, even if I’m the last to do so (since I’m still lapping the ones on the couch). I’ve also developed a new appreciation for Skrillex and Dubstep!
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Elliott has lost about 38 pounds, and I’ve lost 22. It’s been a great boost to Elliott’s health since he has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He hopes his prescriptions can be reduced or eliminated altogether at his next physical. We both look different physically, our clothes fit better (and we’ve had to shop for smaller sizes) and we’re stronger and healthier than ever! I decided to start eating 100% Paleo in June and have already noticed additional weight loss and I just feel better in general.
We still scale a lot of movements during the workouts, but we have both improved many skills including: max weights, pull ups, and run times just to name a few. Both of us have gotten close to Rx-ing workouts as well! You can’t beat the constantly varied workouts that we do at CFL or the feeling of accomplishment when you finish each one! We’re so glad we dropped our egos at the door and took that first step inside the box and we’re looking forward to continuing our transformations and journey to better health and strength at CrossFit Lumberton!
Thanks Jessica and Elliott for the energy and enthusiasm you guys bring to our community. Your success is a direct result of your hard work, and its contagious!




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