Four Calling Birds


WOD 12/17/12

10 mins max reps, consisting of the following stations:
4 minutes – Thruster 115/75
3 minutes – KB Swing 55/35
2 minutes – Muscle-ups
1 minute – Burpees

Athletes will move from one station to the next at the end of the allotted time without rest. A bonus rep will be awarded for each successful muscle-up, (1 muscle-up = 2 reps)


Rest 5 minutes


4 Rounds:

100m Farmers Carry (55/35)

200m Run


We will be having a Christmas Party Saturday at 9pm for all the local CrossFit gyms and their members. It will be hosted by CrossFit Mid-County and if you would like to attend please follow the link and RSVP to the event on Facebook. Hope to see you all there!

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  • Krystal

    its too hard to count and workout at the same time, I used lighter weight so it wasnt RX

    704 on the 2nd part. Used only 25lb KB for farmers run

  • Elyse

    I felt terrible this morning.

    125 total reps, I used 65# on the Thrusters (75 seemed really heavy today)
    10:00 RX on the 2nd part.

  • Scott

    First time I think I’ve tied you, Elyse. 125 total reps (37, 48, 17, 11, 12) with 95 #, blue band ring dips and RX pullups and KB). 8:20 RX on Farmer’s Carry run. I’ve been doing CFB for maybe 2 years now. I keep thinking one day I’ll actually figure this out and get into shape.

  • Clint

    108 reps RX – 37/53/0/18
    7:53 RX

  • Greg

    178 reps RX for me. Front squats (115#, situps, lunges, burpees)
    7:47 rx

  • Jj

    103 rx. 30-45-4 which equals eight – 20

  • Grant

    121 Rx 40-50-9 (18)-13

  • Drew

    116 RX

    33 thrusters, don’t remember each set after

  • Neal

    131 total score

    7:09 on the cash out

  • Dena

    103 with the thrusters RX/KB Rx and Burpees. Did not count pull-ups and dips. Dips I used the purple band.
    11:05 on cash out with a 200 M row instead of run.

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