Good Bite


WOD 9/25/12

Rope Climb Skill Work 10-15 minutes – Practice getting a good “bite” on the rope with your feet and supporting yourself with your legs. Reach up to with your arms and hang while you pull your legs up to find the next “bite” with your feet higher on the rope. In this way you climb pushing off the bite with your feet rather than climbing by pulling yourself up with your arms. Once you learn to get a good grip with your feet and pushing through your legs then climbing the rope is much easier. Just ask Rich Froning from 2010.



For Time:

1000m Row

3 rounds:

10 Deadlift (225/155)

10 Burpees

End with 1000m Run

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  • Clint

    Rope climbs SWEET! I’ve never even attempted it, bust out the crash pad.

  • Jj

    Just add it to the list of stuff that I’m better than Clint at lol

  • Scott

    15:21 @ 205 lbs. Close one today with Hardy’s 15:22. Fun class. Neal was, as always, faster and stronger. One day . . . .

  • Neal

    14:30ish i think? @275#

  • Clint

    That list is getting shorter and shorter JJ

  • Clint

    14:14 RX. Better luck next time Mike

  • Aaron

    Rope climbs were a breeze for the first time. I must admit, I studied the women in the games last night to prep for that skill.
    18:44 rx. Rowing is a killer for me.

  • Greg

    15:33 rx

  • Aaron Edgerly

    12:56 RX , Cannot believe i got through that run yesterday morning with only one stop. Not to mention i came off of a 12hr night shift lol

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