Good People to Learn From

Good People to Learn From

First off, Crossfit Dallas Central is awesome. What makes it awesome? The people.

After Tuesday mornings workout I approached Spencer, my coach and one of the owners of CFDC, and asked if he would be willing to let me help out around the gym.  I explained that I was getting my Crossfit Level 1 certification (the minimum required to be a trainer) in July and wanted to shadow him and the other trainers while they teach new members the fundamentals of Crossfit. Once I am familiar with the routine I hope to take on new clients and lead small groups on my own.  I asked if I could get in on the employee meetings to learn about programming workouts, scheduling everyone, and generally just learning about what being a trainer was all about.

I then told Spence that I wanted to do this because my dream is to eventually open a gym in Beaumont. His reaction couldn’t have been more positive. He was FREAKIN’ PUMPED! His excitement made me more excited. He was stoked about the idea and told me that we should start today. He also suggested starting this blog and getting the word out that Crossfit will be coming to Southeast Texas. So here it is.

Since talking to Spencer a few other people have heard and their excitement has been fueling me even higher. Later that day I spoke with Sam (Spencer’s brother and co-owner/trainer at CFDC) and he was excited about the idea. Another trainer at the gym, Koy, has already offered to let me shadow during his fundamentals class tomorrow. The first of many I’ll be shadowing over the next few months until I’m ready to take a more active role.

This gym has four excellent trainers in Spencer, Sam, Koy, and Eric. They’re all amazing athletes but more importantly they know their shit when it comes to training people. I look forward to training with them and getting this ball rolling.

There are a thousand other things that I need to learn about Crossfit and even more things about running a business. I know it’s going to be tough but this ride will be a lot smoother now that I have a group of people that want to help make this a reality.



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