In The Daily WOD

WOD 120516

Hand Stand Push-Up Skill Work

Pull-Up Skill Work

3 Rounds for total reps:
90 sec. ME Kettlebell Swings (55/35)
90 sec. Rest
90 sec. ME Burpees
90 sec. Rest
400m Run

The 400m run will be done once you have rested plenty from the WOD

Make plans to join us June 9th for our CrossFit For Hope event. You can register your name by clicking on the link at the top left of the home page (picture of a wagon) and signing up. Anyone can donate to your name once you have registered, and they can start donating now! In a combined effort with CrossFit gyms and members around the nation, we hope to raise 1.7 million dollars towards the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. For more info, please contact Clayton or Sean.

Cant make it in to the gym? Want to give a friend a little taste of what we do at home? Here’s a list of Home or Travel Wods you can do with little or no equipment!


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  • chelsey

    R1 R2 R3 T
    Kb [35#] 36 30 25 – – – 91
    Burpees 20 13 16 – – – 49
    Total Reps 140

    400m run – 1:52

  • Kaitlin

    RX’d 150 reps

    1:41 – 400m run! (:

  • Jeff M

    166 reps at RX. 1:51 400mm. Run was tough after all that work.

  • Grant

    188 rx, 1:32 400m

  • Erin

    160 reps RX
    1:29 on the 400m run

  • Tara

    155 reps RX,
    1:39 on 400 m run

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