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WOD 8-20-13

Snatch Balance: Find a heavy double

Hang Squat Snatch: Find a heavy triple

AMRAP in 7:
• 7 Pullups
• 10 Box Step-Ups (24/20)
• 2 Burpees

You must do box step-ups, you may not do box jumps. Make sure to alternate which leg you step with. (Do not do all step-ups with the same leg)

There will be a Paleo Potluck dinner this Friday at the Wohlferd’s house. It starts at 6:30; bring a Paleo dish and a swimsuit. You do not have to eat Paleo, so feel free to bring your own non-Paleo dinner as well. This is just a chance for others to try Paleo foods and see if it Paleo is a lifestyle they want to follow. More info can be found on the bulletin board at the gym.

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