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WOD 2-20-13

AMRAP in 90 seconds:
Tire Flip
Tire Jump (in & out)

This will be done 1 person at a time. When you are not doing the AMRAP, you will be doing Squat Therapy.

For Time: 50-40-30-20-10
• Double Unders
• Situps

In any remaining time after today’s WOD: grab a lacrosse ball or a roller and loosen up your muscle tissue! Not sure what that means? Ask a coach and we will help you attack those mobility issues. Also, check out for great instructions on becoming a supple leopard.

We have great news for you early risers. The 6am class is no longer RSVP only. We will be having the class daily with no need to contact a coach. Just show up!

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  • Katie Tucker

    9 Tire Flip Bidnezz

    Annie: 10:43 (half the double unders/all the situps)

  • Chelsey Wigginton

    13 tire flips
    Annie – 12:04 3x singles

  • Tara

    12 tire flips
    “Annie”-6:46-RX (2:04 PR)
    I think I wrote 1:04 PR on
    Board but it’s really 2:04
    I can’t count!

  • Katie

    13 tire flips
    Annie- 8:02 w/ 3x singles (1:22 pr)
    This is probably one of my favorite WODs ever!!!
    P.S. I have got to get double unders for real!!!

  • Lisa H

    8 tire flips
    Annie @ 9:01 (PR of 1:26) singles x3
    I’m right there w KW on the DU’s … gotta get those!

  • Shannon Pankow

    7 tire flips
    Annie @ 10:21 (first time) singles 3x
    Gotta get the DU’s! Maybe we need a DU challenge? Like the Wall Ball Challenge!

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