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WOD 120829

Elevated Deadlifts:

4 rounds:
AMREP in 3:
200m Run
Cleans (155/95)
*rest 1:00 between rounds* 

Coaches Notes:
For the Elevated Deadlifts, you will do a normal deadlift from an elevated postion. Taller people should use a 45# plate, shorter people should use a 25#.
On the WOD, you will  start each round with a 2oom run then complete as many cleans as possible with the remaining time. Score will be total reps from all 4 AMREPS.

Remember, there will be only a noon class on Labor Day. Also don’t forget about the BPD 5k on Sept 8th.

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  • Tara

    Elevated DL on a 45# weight
    85# 105# 115# 135# (if I remember right)
    75# total 63 reps (cleans)

  • Grant

    Elevated on 45
    185#, 205#, 225#, 255#
    68 reps Rx

  • Katie

    Today was rough, I couldn’t get it together! Straight.up.rough.
    39 reps w/ 70#

  • wendy h

    Elevated on 45
    46 rep@ 63#

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