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WOD 8-31-12

Tabata Handstand Hold

5 Rounds of:
In 4 minutes complete the following-
• 200 M Run
• 15 Air Squats
• 10 KB Swings (55/35)
• Bar Hang*
—Rest 2 Minutes—

You will start off with the run, then after completing the squats and kb swings you will hang from the pullup bar for the remaining time. *For every time you drop from the bar before 4 mins is up, you will do 1 burpee during the 2 min rest period. No drop=full 2 mins of rest. You must do the burpees as soon as the rest period starts.

• We will only be having the noon class on Labor Day (Monday)
• On Sept. 8th we will not be having the 10am members class. We will be running at the BPOA 5k in Downtown Beaumont. Sign up now and join us! Forms are in the office, or go to active.com to sign up.

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  • Katie

    RX w/ 3 drops

  • Tara

    Handstand hold-no drops!
    Love me some handstands!
    WOD-RX NO drops! 🙂
    Loved this workout!

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