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Work on your mobility this week!

WOD 7-2-12

15 minutes to find a Max Height Box Jump

“Tabata Something Else”
• Pullups
• Pushups
• Situps
• Air Squats

Complete a full tabata cycle (8 rounds) of each movement with NO rest between movements. (Other than the 10 seconds between each working period). Score is the total reps from all 32 working periods combined. (Keep a running total).

After Party: Choose 1 movement from the WOD and attempt a Max Effort in 2 Minutes.

ATTENTION: We will only be having the NOON CLASS on Wednesday, in observance of Independence Day.

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  • Tara

    34″ Max height box jump
    260- blue band pullups
    60-situps After Party

  • chad west

    40″ Max height box jump.
    303 RX
    58 sit ups after party.

  • thatgirldownsouth

    20″ box jump new record! I lost count during the work out so no idea what I got. 50 sit ups for the cash out.

  • jeffmanzer

    46 3/4 inch box jump.
    **4 inch PR**

    257 for the WOD

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