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Did someone say BACON?!?

WOD 8-23-12

Back Squat 9-6-3-6-9 (heavy)


3 Rnds for Time & Reps, w/a partner:
• 250 M Row
• Max KB Snatch (55/35)

This WOD is “Tailpipe’s” dirty cousin. Partner 1 will row while Partner 2 does KB Snatch. Once Partner 1 is finished rowing, Partner 2 will stop, and he/she will trade places. Partner 2 rows, Partner 1 does KB Snatch. Keep a running total of KB Snatches done, and remember, every second counts! Score is total time and number of reps completed.

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  • Grant

    225#, 245#, 260#, 225#, DNF
    Partner Wod w/Chelsey
    8:04 + 109 Reps @ 55#, 30#

  • thatgirldownsouth

    This WOD rocked! My two favorite things ever! So gassed at the end. Thanks Sean.

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