740878_579116602103421_1835280583_oWOD 2/7/13

500m Row Time Trial


3 Rounds:

50 Double Unders

10 Deadhang Pull-Ups

10 Dumbbell Ground To Overhead (45/30)

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  • K Doubt

    1:39.8 for the 500m Row. A 3 second PR!

    9:30 WOD w/100su for 1&2nd round, 150 for 3rd. g/b bands, and 20#db

    That row took a lot out of me. Wasnt at my best performance today. But pushed thru thanks to all the encouragement!

  • Elyse

    Katie that’s an awesome time! good job!

  • Allie

    Holy crap! AWESOME time Katie!

  • Scott

    Katie, you taught me a lesson today. Next time, I’m not doing the 5 am spin class right before the 6 am 500 m timed row. Great job. 1:42.1 row as I checked my ego at the door today once again. Still fun – even when the ladies kick my butt in class. 9:59 WOD RX DUs, but blue PUs and 40-35 # GTO.

  • Dena

    Hell of a time Katie D.!!! That’s is going to be number one for a while!
    Me on the other hand I stink! 1:46.0 and 11:00 on WOD with Ted and purple bands.

  • K Doubt

    Thanks everyone! It’s incredible how much you all push me to perform my best!!

  • Greg

    1:29.1 almost 3 sec. PR. I will be on the board for this soon!!

    10:44 40# b/p band

  • Neal

    6:38 RX

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