Life is Hard

Life is Hard

When you know you've given it all you've got
When you know you've given it all you've got

I often have people express interest in starting CrossFit but they are always a little hesitant. The most common thing I hear is “It looks really hard” or “I don’t think I’m in shape for something like that.” These are the people who need CrossFit the most. One of the greatest things about CrossFit is the Universal Scalability of the program. This means we can take an obese father of 3 and an Olympic tri-athlete and put them through the same workout; only we will scale it to each athletes need. We will simply scale reps, weight, and intensity. We can have a college football player doing a workout with 200lb cleans and pushups and a senior citizen doing the same workout with a PVC pipe and doing pushups against a wall. Both athletes will get the same benefit and the workout will be just as challenging for the football player as it is for the senior.

CrossFit isn’t easy. People always ask me when it will get easier. The answer is that it doesn’t. As you get better we increase the intensity of the workout by adding weight, adding reps, or decreasing rest. If it’s easy then you aren’t forcing your body to adapt which is the entire point of exercising. Whatever your fitness goals are; losing weight, getting stronger, getting toned, gaining muscle, or becoming faster; it won’t be easy. If it was easy then everyone would look great and America wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic.

If you are in a program where you feel that you aren’t being challenged then you’ve hit a plateau and need to reevaluate what you are doing. I had hit a plateau for three years doing my normal gym routine and after 2 months of CrossFit I was already seeing gains. I’ve heard this same story from athletes from all different backgrounds; people are decreasing 5k time, marathon runners are setting PR’s, and normal weight lifting guys lifting more than they were able to do before trying CrossFit.

If you are worried that you’re not in shape for CrossFit I have some good news; You are. In fact the more out of shape are the quicker you will see gains! It won’t be easy but if you’re willing to put forth the effort you can attain your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

Below is a great article of just one woman’s journey. Enjoy!

From Obese To Athletic



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