“Loose Tightness”


457363_579181475430267_373764251_oWOD 1/31/13

400m Sprint

Rest 5 minutes

400m Sprint


Rest 5 minutes:


AMRAP in 10 minutes:

6 Squat Cleans (115/75)

12 Pull-Ups

24 Double Unders


As the paleo challenge comes to a close I’d like to see some comments on any positives that you’ve taken away from this experience. Have you lost pounds or inches? Increased your weights lifted or PR’d a workout? Do you look, feel, or perform any diferent? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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  • Danielle

    Well, where do I start? Besides the fact this was a strict, no honey/stevia, challenge, I lived through it. I definitely feel better all around and will keep up a pretty strict paleo lifestyle after to see where it leads me beyond a 30 day spectrum. I PR’d on deadlifts and snatch power and squat…. Getting more comfy on squat snatch. Thanks to the seminar, I’m thinking it’ll come with time and practice. I feel I’m not as sore after WODS and my endurance is slowly getting better… Giving that extra push comes from within and not paleo and I am working on that. Overall, I have definitely felt a big diff in one month alone and am excited to see where this journey continues to bring me… No particular destination in sight. Just stronger, faster, and better.

  • Elyse

    1:20 for the run… not a PR but close. it was cold this morning.

    5 Rds + 5 SC RX

    and about the paleo challenge… I have definitely gotten a few positive things from it. My diet was getting a little out of control around the holidays, so this helped me get back on track. I only lost a few pounds but I can absolutely see a difference in my waistline and stomach. I also feel better throughout the day. I have gotten a few PR’s in the past month as well (10# PR in Back squat, 5# PR for Power snatch, and a few others). I am going to try to keep this lifestyle after the challenge, but I am going to make it less strict and allow myself some things that are generally considered paleo (like honey, stevia, cocoa, etc).

  • Clint

    4Rds + 6 Squat Cleans RX. Nothing like waking up at 5am to get your butt handed to you. I was having a hard time grasping the idea of not stepping on my jump rope on every other double under attempt. It was quite a struggle this morning. Nice work Elyse!

  • Sheree Pierce

    I didn’t get many rounds (squat cleans were AWFUL even at 50#) but I DID string 10 double unders together.(with a single between) Now it’s time to get rid of the single.

    The Challenge has been great for me. I think I’m down about 10# and I can really feel it in my clothes. I can feel it in my work-out, too. I plan to continue but not quite as strict. I like a little cocoa and wine and tequila. I also will no longer carry that little bottle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar around in my purse. I had really been eating poorly for 2-3 months and I KNEW it was affecting everything from my wod to my attitude. When I FEEL better, I’m MUCH NICER. This was just the boost and motivation I needed. Also Team SMAK That made it SO much fun! We were the most diverse team in the whole thing, I bet. Love these new friends that I will forever have a special bond with. And the Paleo Pot Lucks were great. I learned so much and loved getting to visit with people outside the box. Anyway, thank-you, Brittany for putting this on. I feel like I can keep on and get ready for that wedding (in a town where I used to live…old friends!) in March!

  • Greg

    1:14 400M- 7 sec pr
    4 rds + 6 pullups RX
    That run killed me on the squat cleans. When did 115# get so heavy? HAHA

  • Scott

    1:15, 1:20 on runs (PR is 1:08), running with a broken toe. 3 rds + 12 pullups into 4th round.

    Regarding the Paleo Challenge, as of last Sunday lost 8 lbs. Was hoping to lose more, but I’ll keep going. May have lost a few more lbs. Mon-Thurs this week, so could be 10+ lbs. lost total. There were definitely some PRs this past month (:39 PR on Nancy, 26 min PR on 5th Mountain, 5# on back squat, 10# on OH squat, 20# split jerk, tied snatch PR, unbroken double-unders up to 61, 20 pullups and a few others). Not great, I know; but showing some improvement nontheless. Would still like to lose another 15+ lbs. to get to what I think is my ideal weight. January was a good start to that goal. The Challenge was a good way to start off the year right. Look forward to the next one. Good to be held responsible for the diet.

  • Ashley T.

    1:29, 1:32 on the runs

    3 rounds 63# squat cleans
    Working hard on the unassisted pull-ups. I scaled down to 6 the first round but got really tired really fast so I used a purple band and did all 12 in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Slow process but it’s coming along!

  • Kara R

    4 Rounds RX

    I didn’t do the paleo challenge but I tried to take her advice on sleeping more and that’s really helped! I don’t get the 7 hours suggested on the challenge but just getting more has been much better. Seeing everyone PR and hearing them talk about food choices and making better decisions has been really inspiring. I hope you all keep it up!

  • Ann

    Overall the Paleo Challenge has been a positive experience for me. I have gained knowledge about a lifestyle that I will continue to practice and share with others. It is taking my body a little longer than others to adjust, but I will keep on tweaking it until I get it right for me. I do feel I have more mental clarity and I feel lighter. I have lost about 8 pounds and lost inches in my waist and hip areas. I continue working hard at CFB and hopefully I will see my workouts improve.

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