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WOD 130930

EMOM for 8 Min:
7 (5) Dead Hang Pull Ups

In groups of no more than 4:
Share 1 Bar and rotate thru completing
1 Power Clean (185/115)
2 Power Cleans (touch and go)
3 Power Cleans (touch and go)
4 Power Cleans (touch and go)
5 Power Cleans (touch and go)
continue until you can no longer hold onto the bar…

800m Run as soon as you drop the bar without completing the set.

use a weight that you know you can at least get through 5 rounds.  If working by yourself, take at least :30 between sets, but no longer than 1:00.

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  • Katie

    Skill work:
    Blue, Red, Purple band for strict pull-ups. In hindsight, I should’ve just gone with a green.
    9 rounds w/ 73# then an 800 meter row

  • Katie Tucker

    red & blue bed
    6rds + 4 cleans @ 115#

  • melissa

    Red and blue. Last two rounds blue and red. Then 5 rounds with 73#….failed on last rep to make round 6. 🙁

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