Magic Hands


Fara Knocking Out Some Heavy Deadlifts!

WOD 7/5/11

Clean – Find your 1 rep max

5 Rounds:

4 Cleans (75% of max)

10 Box Jumps

5 Burpees

If you’re really sore talk to Fara or Nakia about getting a massage.

The paleo challenge is over July 9th so get ready to email me your after pictures and ending weight.

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  • nakia Langley

    Thanks guys for the advertising 😉 if you need a massage and close to Beaumont area I’m located at 575 w.lucas 102 office # 409-898-1333 or cell # 409-289-2561 by appointment only. I specialize in sports massage & sports medicine . Also offer 25 other massage & spa services. Mention you’re a CFB member & get 5$ off !! Have a Blessed week 🙂

  • Rachel G

    105 clean! New pr by 15#!!!

    5 rounds :
    70# cleans
    12″ box
    5 burpees

    10 mins. Finished LAST but everyone cheered me to finish. Loving all the action 6am is seeing, regulars and guests.

  • Neal

    230# Clean

    9:06 on the WOD using 175# and a 30” box. Great workout noon crew. Clayton was throwing around some big weight as usual

  • Fara

    Thanks Neal for the advertising and also for embarrasing me with the pic! Cant wait for you to see the pics i am working on for you! 🙂

    My shop is located in Vidor, Massage for Healing. I am a License Massage Therapist & a Medical Massage Practitioner….specializing in orthopedic massage, therapeutic massage, sports, lymphatic drainage, etc… I work with most health insurance companies. My cell number is 790-9141 or check my facebook page for specials.

    Today WOD…. 8:09 (63#, 16″ box).. it was great to be back after a long weekend! As always thanks Kara…..missing my usual rooster crew!

  • BeckyR

    9:40 @ 65#, 16″

    was rough coming back in after the long break.

  • Miguel T.

    6AM was early, but glad I made it. Met some new faces.

    New PR clean @ 155

    WOD 115#/ 24″ @ 7:46

  • Clayton

    Fun sharing that big box with Neal. Found out this weekend just how bad my box jumps were.
    9:56 (210#, 30″) 275 Clean. Tied my PR

  • Hardyf

    So I tried to post earlier and think it was my phone and not marked as spam, so if it post three times I am sorry

    205# Clean

    7:07 on the WOD with 155# and 24″ box

    Clayton you clean more than I squat lol

  • Erin

    93# clean for my one rep max.
    8:06 on the WOD…used 70# and a 20″ box

  • Shannon D.

    130# clean (5# PR) 😀

    9:42 w/ 100# & 20″

  • JJ

    matched 185 old pr first time easy. failed on my attempts at 195

    did 140 in the wod 4:56

  • Jason

    205# on the clean. Cant get out of the bottom of the squat at 215#. It’s frustrating. I can put 245# shoulder to overhead but my front squat is so far behind I can’t clean it. Did the WOD in 5:36 at 155# on a 24″ box. I am glad I got to go after Chris. Thanks for setting the bar. 😉

  • CA

    215 on Clean – new pr, i need to learn how to catch a clean in the squat better.

    6:07 on the WOD using 155 and 24 inch box.
    Jason and JJ manhandled this WOD.

  • nakia Langley

    120 max one rep max 🙂 90# & 12″ box. Woohoo!!! 11:11 thanks guys for all the support and pushing me 😉 you guys Rock!!!

  • Hardyf

    Man those times are ridiculous, I thought 7 minutes was fast! You guys killed it.

  • CA

    Also, Kryspen Bowen, one of my BootCampers came in today.
    First time to EVER clean and jerk weight. 128 pounds overhead!!!

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