New Frontier

New Frontier

WOD 12/3/12

Squat Clean – Quickly work up to 70-80% of your 1 rep max then add 5 pounds every attempt trying to find a new max



Bumper Plate Burpees (45/25)

Overhead Bumper Plate Lunges (You must lunge on both legs for one rep)

Plyo Push-Ups on Bumper*


Ply Push-Up – Start with one hand on the bumper plate and one hand off, touch chest to deck and when coming up quickly jump your body to the other side so that your hands have alternated. Scale to normal push-ups if necessary.


The Women’s Only Competition is this Saturday. If you would like to volunteer or help judge please send an email to    We have a few spots left in the standard division and lots of spaces open in the scaled division. We want as many of you to sign up as possible! Standard division can expect 95#back squats, 14# wall ball, 45# KB Swings, and 20” box jumps. Scaled can expect 65# back squats, 10# wall ball, 25# KB Swings, and 16” box jumps. Even if you don’t think you can win we still want you to compete; you may just surprise yourself and it will make you a better athlete!


If you cannot attend the Pub Run on December 8 but would like to donate to Toys For Tots you can bring your gift to CFB anytime from now until December 8 and we will bring it to the pick-up location. If you plan on attending the Pub Run please bring your gift that evening as we will have a representative from Toys For Tots to pick them all up.


New CFB gear is here and for sale in the lounge area. The blue hoodies are almost gone so if you want to get one pick it up soon!





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