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May 5th starts our 6 week Paleo Challenge! If you need a gentle nudge or even a swift kick in the rear to help get your diet/nutrition on track, this is for you! The buy-in is $15 per person. There will be a top male and female who will split the pot at the end of the 6 weeks. Winners are decided based off of overall body composition change AND performance changes during WODs. This is anybody’s game! Even if you don’t need to lose weight or inches, GAINS in both due to adding muscle will be noted!

You will need to check in with any instructor every other week to discuss how/what you have been eating and what is/is not working for you. This will keep you more accountable and give you better access to the resources you need.

Here is the skinny:

  • You will need to take “before” photos (front, back, and side)
  • Hop on a scale and get your current weight
  • Grab a tape and get measurements at your hips (widest point), waist (at navel),  and bottom of your chest (below pecs/bust).

You will need to submit all 3 of these to by May 7th at the latest!!! Money must be submitted by the same date!

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