Peanut Butter Jelly Time

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WOD 11-2-12

In 15 minutes work up to a heavy set of 10 OHS

Amrap in 7:
• 5 HSPU
• 5 DB Rows (45/30) [per arm] • 10 Burpees
• 10 Hand Release Pushups*

The DB rows will be done in pushup position, in the same fashion as would be done in mutant man-makers.

*The hand release pushups will require you not only to take your hands off the ground, but to touch them together behind your back as well.

After Party: 4 sets of 5 OHS. Use the weight you finished with on the strength set before the WOD. Rest only 30 seconds between sets.

The new shirt order goes in next week. Be sure to put your name on the list!

As an incentive to our members, and to help grow the gym: If you refer 2 new members within a month’s time you will receive HALF OFF your next month’s membership!

Also, anyone the signs up to do their On-Ramp Course from today until Black Friday will get 50 % OFF!!!

The Women’s Only Competition at CFB will be held on December 8th. Mark your calendars ladies!!!!!

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  • Grant

    135# OHS
    2 Rds + 7 Burpees Rx

  • Tara

    45# OHS 🙁
    2 Rds + 15 reps
    (2 ab mats, 25# DB)

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