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We had a great turnout Saturday!

WOD 6-11-12

Max Tire Flips in 1 Min

Thruster Ladder 1:

Start with a manageable weight. Every 30 seconds you will complete 1 thruster and then add weight to the bar (10# per rep for men, 5# per rep for women). The workout is over when you can no longer complete a thruster with the given weight. Score is heaviest thruster completed.

Max Tire Flips in 1 Min

Thruster Ladder 2:

Same as thruster ladder 1, but start  at a weight 15-20 pounds heavier than your original starting weight.


T-shirt pre-order money is due today!!! No money, no order.

The Paleo Workshop is Tuesday night at 7:30 PM. We really want to have a big turnout, so please make plans to be here and invite a friend! If changing your diet/lifestyle is important to you, why wouldn’t you educate yourself as much as possible? Brittany will be doing a GREAT job of explaining how to eat, cook, and live Paleo! Please RSVP so she will know how much food to prepare!!!! $10 per person to cover the cost of food.

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  • Katie

    14 tire flips 1st
    16 tire flips 2nd
    65# thrusters both ladders

  • Chelsey Wigginton

    18 tire flips
    85# thruster ladder
    21 tire flips
    90# thruster ladder

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