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Derek Poundstone: America's Strongest Man. He's good at Stones.


WOD 120508

Stone Shoulders 6-6-6

3 Rounds:
400m Run
21 Kb Swings (55/35)
12 Pull-Ups

Atlas Stone Shoulders is a Strongman movement. “Strongman” isn’t just limited to men, its about lifting heavy, cumbersome things. Our Smallest Size stone is around 50# pounds. Don’t be intimidated. We will teach you proper technique to get the stone to your shoulder. As always, we can scale as necessary.


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  • Katie

    15:21 25# kb/ r & b bands for the first 2 rounds and rings for the 3rd round.

  • Jeff

    14:24 RX

  • Melissa

    14:30 blue band, 25#kb

  • Erin

    14:44 RX

  • Grant

    Couldn’t make it today.
    1.5 mile run 10:30
    40 MMM @ 20#

  • chelsey

    Time: 15:43
    30# kb
    pullups – blue band [no more green band whoop!]

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