Reasons For Starting Crossfit Beaumont

Reasons For Starting Crossfit Beaumont

The first time you try a Crossfit workout you will say to yourself “This is it.” You may not be as gung-ho about it as I am, but you will definitely know that there is something to this routine. You know that the workout you just did was effective, efficient (usually takes less than 30 minutes), and it garnered a response that you’re body probably isn’t accustomed to. Whether or not you liked it (or want to put yourself through it again); you realize this stuff works.

I want to show the greater Beaumont area that getting into great shape is within their reach. I want to coach my family and friends and watch them transform themselves into fitness monsters; shedding pounds, gaining muscle, and accomplishing feats that they didn’t think they were capable of. I want to train my mom and my sister to do a pull-up!

“Why? Why does it matter if I’m in shape? I don’t care if I can do a pull-up or squat below parallel.”

Sure this program will get you looking good, feeling good, and improving your overall fitness; but more importantly this is going to get you ready for life and old age. A lot of people don’t think about it now but how you treat your body today is going to have huge effects on how you handle tasks as you get older. This is the type of functional fitness that translates to real life and will keep you self sufficient as you age into your 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

Do you want to be able to pick your grandchild (and great grandchild) up off the floor? Do you want to be able to easily get into and out of a chair? Do you want to join the family in a softball game, a swim in the pool, or a vacation? I guarantee you that if you are well versed in the clean (Picking up weight off the floor and bringing it to shoulder level) then picking up your grandchildren won’t be a problem, if you are doing squats as you get older then getting out of that chair will be no big deal, and if you stay active then you won’t be missing out on any of those family activities.

For me there could be no greater reward than helping people achieve these goals. One of the things I look forward to most is helping someone accomplish a feat that they never thought they’d be able to do again. Whether that be to do 50 pull-ups or one pull-up, run a marathon or just be able to walk around the block, Clean 200 pounds or pick up their grandchild, or just feel the way they did 10 years ago. This is why I want to start Crossfit Beaumont.



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