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It’s Movember!!!

WOD 11-6-12

3×10 Pistols (per leg)

5 Rounds For Time:
• 10 Man-Makers (45/30)
• 200 Plate Carry (45/25)

Man-Makers are essentially a glorified burpee. Start with DB’s in hand in the standing position, drop to the floor (chest to deck), clean the weight back up to the rack position, then push press overhead. For the plate carry, you may hold your plate however you want.

As an incentive to our members, and to help grow the gym: If you refer 2 new members within a month’s time you will receive HALF OFF your next month’s membership!

Also, anyone the signs up to do their On-Ramp Course from today until Black Friday will get 50 % OFF!!!

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  • Lisa H

    Pistols … ugh! Found out my right leg is stronger than my left (green band).
    22:22 – Man Makers (15#db), Plate Carry (25#).

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