Rock N Rolla


WOD 4/16/12

4 Rounds:

250m Row

12 box jumps 24/20

8 deadlifts (245)


Rest 5 minutes:


4 Rounds:

30 Sec Max Hollow Rocks

50 Double Unders

Rest 1 minute between rounds


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  • Jj

    Double unders again. Showing up a lot.

    Murph from Saturday. 52:50 with 20# vest

  • Clint

    Great movie!

  • brandon

    Got a new PR for deadlift, clean, and snatch at open gym yesterday. I think I will try this one just under RX.

  • Sheree Pierce

    Any rooster crew show up? I decided NOT to get out in it…but couldn’t sleep…UGH.

  • Stephanie

    So the womens deadlift weight is 245 as well? OMGeeee that’s heavy!

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    11:59 rx.

    lots of knees in this wod. definitely where i am feeling it

  • Jj

    9:53 with 225#

  • Scott

    There were 5 of us in the Rooster Crew this morning, Sheree. 11:30 on the first set using 185 lb. DL and 24″. Second round – generally 20-22 hollow rocks each :30 and 30 broken double-unders in about 1:30 or less each round. Last round though, got 18 unbroken – and did 30 in about a minute – which is really good for me. Proud of the 18 unbroken. New PR on that one. One of these days, I’m going to finally master these double unders.

  • hardyf

    I think I finished just under 13 min, really don’t remember I was breathing pretty hard :/, first day back in a while probably won’t be able to walk, scaled to 20″ box & 185# DL, it was great to see some old faces

  • Jason

    9:29 Rx.
    It’s nice to see all of the new faces in the box. We are starting to get some big boys that can more some serious weight.

  • Mitchel M.

    looks like ill finally have the chance to show my face tomorrow. see ya’ll at 11:30.

  • Neal

    Yes! Can’t wait to have you back Mitchel

    7:55 @ 275#

  • Dena

    10:21 RX
    Getting better at DU’s.

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