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 In The Daily WOD

Holly “raving” at Top of the Rock!

WOD 3-13-12

Turkish Get-Ups  5-5-5

  • 5 reps per arm. Increase the weight on each set. Use KB’s or DB’s.

“WOD 12.1”  AMRep in 7 mins:

  • Burpees

To do this WOD as RX’d you must jump and touch an object that is 6″ higher than your max reach.


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  • Grant

    80, 32 box jumps 20″

    • Javier

      I’ve come a long way since then. That was one of my first days (time for some new pics DAN). Those were some atbrul days. Speaking of atbrul, how bout that WOD? Not sure exactly how this WOD came to me, but I do know my shoulders are screaming today. ET 38min

  • Miguel

    If you guys didn’t notice, the Lumber-jacked video link is posted to the CFL Facebook page. Enjoy!

    • Omaima

      I only joined Crossfit at the ginennibg of January, but already I’ve seen some amazing improvements.First, I’m physically in better shape. I’ve increased my muscle mass and strength with lifting and body weight exercises. For example, at the end of January I was able to do 17 strict push-ups in one minute, and the other day I was up to 25! On the same day I dead lifted more than my body weight for the first time. Crossfit has also improved my endurance even more than I expected. While we don’t generally run more than a mile or so in a workout, my 5K time has gotten better and I did a 10K for the first time recently. I never thought I’d run a 10K! As for the functional aspect of Crossfit, we moved a couch and love seat into our apartment the other day. I expected it to be exhausting, but my breathing and heart rate barely increased at all.I haven’t just improved physically, though. I was the antithesis of athletic as a kid and for most of my 20s, and even though I’m 30 now, I’ve never really pushed myself past my comfort zone. Even things like jumping rope or doing gymnastics rolls on a mat were really intimidating to me. With the instruction and encouragement of the CF702 coaches, though, I’ve been able to get past some of those mental I can’t do it barriers. I still have a lot more to conquer, but I’m on the right track! I’ve also been surprised and delighted by how friendly and welcoming everyone has been. As a newb in Las Vegas it’s really nice to make some friends.I’ve heard opinions about Crossfit ranging from, it’s a cult of crazy people who do nothing but injure themselves constantly to ZOMG it’s the most amazing thing that will ever happen to anyone ever in the history of the universe . It has certainly had a very positive influence on me, but I’m glad that CF702 is populated by pragmatic, encouraging coaches and members who just want everyone to have a good time, work hard, and improve.

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  • Abdi

    Yay good luck to everyone!Woodward WOD: 300 For Time:25 Pull-ups, 50 Deadlifts (75 lbs) 50 Push-ups, 50 Box Jump (20 in.), 50 floor riweps, 50 One Arm Kettlebell Clean and Presses, 25 Pull-ups Time: 19:37I still hate box jumps, and I could have gone a LOT heavier on the deadlifts, but that was the only bar set up that was empty. I had the best time, but feel like I cheated a little. Sometimes you sacrifice strength for speed.

  • Mohamed

    20 box jumps.. wtf I did 24 Son of a . lol Well I needed it, and yojneed every minute of it.. well not really.. But good wod for that matter Man I cant wait until my shit comes up As Rxed 27:00 Happy tuesday everyone.. Man I cant wait until tmrw Im fired up right now.. I think Im gonna go do Fran for time Still have adrenaline from May qualifier.

  • Vitoria

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