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 In The Daily WOD

Chelsey doing 1-1/4 squats with great form

WOD 5-11-12

“Jonestown Crawl”

3 Rounds For Time:

  • 10 Deadlifts (bodyweight)
  • 25 Box Jumps (24/20)
  • 35 Pushups

then….Super Secret After WOD Cash Out!

We will be hosting a very special event on Saturday, June 9. It is called “CrossFit For Hope” and is a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The goal is for all the CrossFit gyms in the nation to raise 1.7 Million dollars (one day’s operating cost for the hospital). You can help by clicking on the link in the upper right hand corner of our website (the wagon) and signing up to donate, or have others donate through you. Let’s see how much money CFL can raise!!! We will be having a special WOD on the 9th called “Hope” that will be part a friendly competition between all he local CrossFit gyms in SE Texas! Members from all over our area will be coming to compete and then hang out as a “family” afterwards. We really want you to participate by competing and helping us raise money for childrens cancer research. If CrossFit has changed your life, pay it forward by helping to change the lives of others.

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  • Katie

    25:26 w/ 135# rd 1, 115# rd 2 and 3

  • Jeff

    14:54 RX with 185 lbs dead lift

  • Dewayne Zavasky

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  • Cody Bachhuber

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  • Marlin Wendler

    I just checked and i have 127 followers of my chartreuse board on Pinterst … wonderful … and all month long I’ve been spotting this lovely color is so many different objects. LOVED this challenge and now a I’ve gorgeous board and new pinterest followers also.

  • Francis Oger

    What the heck! Are unable to win if ya you should not play, eh? LOL Great Luck to ALL!!SU

  • Jackie Travaglio

    I imagine that is not especially comforting for readers of the blog to hear, David, even though you are of course factually correct. There are way far too many instances of folks saying “actions of people who are called by my name are not my concern and i insist that you treat me as separate” (c.f. the response of most Muslim organizations when a terror atrocity takes place). No matter which in the dozen brands of Presbyterian you occur to belong to (PCA, EPC, RPC, PCUSA, etc), the point is that the biggest wing from the Presbyterian Church is currently engaging in something evil vis-à-vis Israel and the Jews. The evidence that there could be other Presbyterians who don’t subscribe to such vile stuff is to be identified in letting folks know and see that we Presbyterians (all of us) are willing to own it, ready to denounce it, and are actively engaged in fighting it. This is no time to be insisting that we don’t know ‘em and we ain’t portion of ‘em.

  • Jewel Rials

    This was so much fun. Thanks for your challenge. Here’s my board

  • Todd Duane

    I am in San Diego suitable now, but say the word and that i is going to be there by 7:30. I saw the previews and that i cant wait to see the movie. So my favorite must be Jesus Henry Christ.

  • Stepanie Ribsamen

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  • Timothy Lachappelle

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  • Vince Coke

    This is *so* timely for me! This week, I will finish my mini Lone Star schnibble and small quilt S is for Spiralsthis 1 was pieced back again in april 2010. Time it was finished, no?

  • Manie Foucha

    It’s my pleasure to help the community. 🙂

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