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Tara repping it out on thrusters

WOD 7-25-12

“Death By…”
• Kb Swings (55/35)
• Mutant Man-makers (45/30)
• Wall Ball (20/14)
• Pullups

Each movement will be done as a seperate WOD. You will do 1 rep in the first minute, 2 reps in the second, 3 reps in the third, etc. When you can no longer complete the required reps for the corresponding round, you are done.

After Party: Tabata Plank Hold

The Paleo Challenge ends on July 31st. Your pictures, measurements, and weights are due by the 31st!!!

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  • thatgirldownsouth

    I did survive.
    19 KBS 25#, 4 MMM 15#, 8 WB 10#, 6 PU green
    We went way over on time so no planks.

  • Stephanie

    I survived too, but barely.
    KBS – 19 @ 35#
    MMM – 3 @ 30# (should not have attempted 30#)
    WB – 12 @ 14#
    PU – 12

    An hour later and I still can not lift my arms. :/

  • Tara

    20 KBS 35#, 4 MMM 25#,
    14 WB 14#, 8 Pull ups w/red band
    We went over too and didn’t do plank hold.
    Tough workout! And thanks Shelley for
    Motivating me throughout the workout!

  • Staff

    18/4/13/16 RX
    I hate that we went so far over on the classes but I love to see all of you killing it!!!

  • Katie

    kbs- 15 @25#
    mmm- 5 @10#
    wb-14 @6#
    pu- 7 w/ green band
    I have to say, I appreciate the fact I get more than my money’s worth each time I work out. Y’all are doin some great WODs.

  • Grant

    16/4/10/11 Rx

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