Tenicide :(


WOD 10/30/12

Clean and Jerk – Find a 1 rep max


AMRAP in 15 minutes:

5 Clean and Jerk (135/95)

10 Burpees

15 Pull-Ups


Anytime you’re using less than 75# try to use a 15# bar, we have lots of them available and it helps save our precious 10’s from an early demise. When you’re using a 33# bar try to have at least the thicker 15# bumpers on. This only pertains to a situation where the barbell will be dropped.

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  • toben

    that’s a great video 🙂

  • Ann

    Funny and educational! 🙂

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    holy crap the sarah mclachlan song made that video even better. i kept waiting for the sad puppy dog eyes!

  • Elyse

    128# C&J (15# PR!)… 4 rds on the WOD plus 5 C&J and 8 Burpees, 95#/red band for pull-ups.

  • Krystal

    6 full rounds, finished clean and jerk, burpees and 5 pull ups of 7th. Started with 55#, moved up to 65# on 3rd round. Probably should have gone heavier on clean and jerk, next time I suppose. My weakness is strength, cardio wise I could go all day…..maybe its time for some new goals 🙂

    (Thanks for the Ghostland)

  • Sheree Pierce

    I saw that video last week. It would be funny if it wasn’t for that song that makes me CRY!
    Got 103# on the c/j. the jerk part was a press for the last couple of inches but 5# more than last time!
    3 rds + c/j and 7 burpees using 63# and blue/purple for the pull-ups.
    Did not know that 75# was the magic # for the 15# bar. Will remember that and save the 33#s for someone else next time.

  • Allie

    No comment on my max.

    4 rounds + 5 C&J + 8 burpees @95# /red band pull-ups.

  • Neal

    225 on clean and jerk. ALMOST got 235… I got under it and locked it out overhead but couldn’t control it as I was standing to full extension 🙁

    7 Rounds RX on the metcon. Really enjoyed it

  • K Doubt

    108# C&J. 5# pr… Really wanted that 113, just wasn’t happening today.

    4 rounds + 5 C&J and 3 sandbag something. Kara subbed some awful sandbag move for my burpees because my shoulder wasn’t allowing me in the push up position. Thanks Kara :-).

    That’s what I love about Crossfit! You never have to miss a workout for an injury or strain. The coaches are always willing to work with you to find something that works AND works you out.

  • Grant

    235 C & J. Awful performance on the wod..4 rds + 5 C & J + 10 burpees. I’ll definitely need better efforts on the rest of the wods this week!

  • Clint

    185# c&j
    5 rounds + 3 pull-ups RX

  • Jj

    200# c and j. Ten pound pr? Pr I know for a fact regardless

    5 and ten pull-ups rx.

    ’twas a good day

  • Clint

    Nice work JJ

  • Michael L.

    220# c&j for a 15 pound PR. Must have used all my mojo on that because I didn’t do too hot on the WOD with 4 rounds (red then red/blue) + 5 c&j’s and 10 burpees.

  • BeckyReddoch

    108# C&J (13#PR)

    3 rounds plus 10 burpees @ 73# and rx pull ups

    congrats to Austin J!! first time to rx pull ups in a wod!!:)

  • Michele Stone

    103# c&j, 4 rounds plus c&j and burpees. Was really feeling yesterday in my legs!!! Great job everyone on your PR’s!!!!

  • M. Vu

    #205 C/J pr.. 5 rds +3 c/j RX

  • Dan

    175# (10# pr). 4 rds at 115# + 9 burpees

  • Ashley T.

    80# c&j 30# pr from a month ago! That’s the 3rd pr in a week for me. I can really feel the difference from when I started 2 months ago!

    4 rounds + 5 c&j and 7 burpees.

  • greg

    185# clean, jerks weren’t happening. Gotta figured out the shoulder problem.

    4 rds + 5 cleans and 5 burpees. subed burpees for pullups on the last full rd.

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