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WOD 3-28-12

Overhead Squat


AMRAP in 14 Minutes:

  • 10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95/65)
  • 7 Overhead Lunges (95/65)
  • 5 Burpees
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  • hardyf

    This seems really familiar, is this stolen from CFB?

  • Clayton

    Great minds program alike.

  • Jeff

    Good workout, tough but good.
    6 rounds plus sumo high pulls and lunges.

  • Grant

    150# OS 5 reps, 5 rds @ 75#

  • Lisa

    Could only manage PVC pipe for oh squats need work… Serious work

    AMRAP #35 4.5 rounds.
    No weight w/ lunges
    Great workout!

  • thatgirldownsouth

    you win this round CFL
    25# squat
    KB 20
    5 lunges no weight
    5 rounds

  • Katie

    6 rounds
    Good workout, 14 minutes seemed daunting at first but in the end was very doable.

  • Clayton Manzer

    Great work today everyone. Lisa, dont worry, were going to fix everything. Baby Steps! 5 Rounds Rx, 225 for the OHS.

  • Courtney

    OH Squat only 45# :-/
    WOD: 5 rounds 35# + sumo DL & 7 OH lunges w/25#

  • Jassy

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  • Bobbi Prewitt

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  • Newton Shastri

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