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WOD 1/16/13

Mid-Thigh Hang Cleans
5×5 Work up to a heavy set. Do not drop lower than mid-thigh in the hang. Catch the bar above parallel.

4 Rounds For Time:
• Max Effort Cleans (135/95)
• Crawfish Walk
• 10 T2B
• Crawfish Walk

Cleans must be touch-and-go and will be done by the black wall. Crawfish walk to the pullup rig to do T2B, then crawfish walk back to your bar.


Skill Work: Press 3×5, Push Press 2×5

Divide into 3 person teams
AMRepAP in 10 minutes:
• 6 Thrusters
• Max Effort Box Jumps
• Max Effort Burpees
Score is total number of thrusters done by your team.

We have had a great turnout to the free classes so far. In addition to the 11am and 7:30pm classes, we have added a
4:30pm class. If you can make it to the 11 or 4:30 classes, please make an effort to do so as our 7:30 class has been huge. We love having such a large turnout, but we also want to give you the best experience possible and the best quality training. Can’t come to any other class? That’s ok, keep coming, we’ll still give you a great workout!

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  • J Ru

    Great job to everyone at the 7:30 class. Another big turnout.

    Team score was 97 Burpees (63# Thrusters, 18 & 12 box jump)

  • jessicawohlferd

    OMG! I made the website! That’s an awful pic of me by the way! Lmao.

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