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 WOD 12/28/11

Back Squats 3-3-3-3-3 All sets at 75-85% of your max


50 Back Squats (body weight) As Fast as possible; start from racks. At the beginning of every minute complete 5 burpees. 10 minute cut-off


Cash Out: 100 Hollow Rocks

January 2-13 we will have a free class at 11am Monday-Saturday and at 8pm Monday-Thursday. These classes will be completely free and open to anyone regardless of experience. Tell your friends they can come check out as many classes as they’d like.


RSVP For the grand opening workout at CrossFit Bridge City

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  • StephenW

    I think if I have the kids I will go to the CFBC opening WOD as a spectator.

  • Dena

    Ouch. Heavy backsquats followed by more back squats and burpees. Needless to say my quads are spent.
    170# on the skill. Took me 8:39 to do the WOD. Tried 155# for 5 reps then dropped to 135 for the remainder.
    If this one doesnt hurt you then you didn’t go heavy enough. Good workout.

  • Erin

    My quads are already shredded from goblet squats and 100 wall ball shots. Not looking forward to this…

  • Merrell

    This was really painful. #185 on the skill, #155 then #135 on the WOD.

  • Jeremy J

    Im gonna be honest here. I couldn’t get in to the box today so i went to exogen and knocked out 30 squats at 195#. Not fun and i don’t think i could have made it through this wod

  • BeckyR

    hahaha…cute! I’m hoping to drop in tomoro after almost a whole month off.. take it easy on me, please…

  • Sean

    Warmup squats @ 225# (83%)
    8:48 RX on the WOD (body weight 158#, did 160#)
    Feels good to be close to the level I was on before the surgery!

  • Erin

    I believe I’m going to be walking funny tomorrow..
    85# for the skill. 95# on the last 3.
    6:00 flat on the WOD @ 65#.

  • Neal

    Worked on Snatches today. Did about 15 reps at 155# then worked up to 180#. Got under 185 but couldn’t lock it out.

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