The CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Games

For those interested in competing in the CrossFit Games. The path to the games begins March 15 with the “CrossFit Games Open”.

The CrossFit Games Open is a six-week competition that will begin Tuesday, March 15th at 17:00 PDT. This competition is the first step in qualifying for the 2011 CrossFit Games. Each week, one event will be announced each Tuesday, and everyone has until the following Sunday at 17:00 PDT to complete the event and record their scores.

There are two ways to compete:

1. Compete at a Registered Affiliate: Attend a workout session at a registered affiliate and submit your score for the affiliate to validate.

2. Compete Anywhere: Perform the workout as prescribed anywhere you can or want, and videotape it. Submit your score and upload your video.

We are developing a comprehensive website to handle the technical requirements of the worldwide Open. That website will go live the week before the competition. It will have robust registration, scoring, and reporting capabilities. If you’re an affiliate, you will have the opportunity to Opt-In each week. There will be a few criteria that you must abide by, but generally you will have a lot of freedom over how and when you host the competition.

CrossFit Beaumont is planning be set up as a registered affiliate. If you want to compete we are going to test run the workout every Tuesday evening at 8pm. We will complete the workout for submission on Saturday afternoons. During the Saturday workout you will have a judge making sure you have correct range of motion and will discount reps if not completed to standard. The top athletes from the CrossFit Games Open will qualify for Regionals; the next step to get to the CrossFit Games. If you plan to compete let us know in the comments!



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