The End Of The World As We Know It


Next Version Of The Original CFB Shirt Coming Soon!

WOD 5/20/11

Weighted Dips 5-5-5-5-5

For Time:

Wall Ball 10-1 (20/14)

Box Jumps 1-10 (24/20)

Do 10 wall ball, 1 box jumps, 9 wall ball, 2 box jumps, etc, working down on wall ball and up on box jumps. Post time to comments.

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  • Serennah

    30# vest box dips…. 7:18 on WOD used 6# instead of 10#( my knee bothers me with wall balls a little)… I used the 12″ box because I had a mental block with the 16″ then after class I did the 16″box several times…. Stupid boxes I WILL win!!

  • Sheree

    THIS is the shirt I want!

    Did NObody do this wod at 6am?

  • hardyf

    35# wdip *5, 5:21 rx, 1:32 400m 45# sandbag run

  • Nedab

    35# dip
    3:29 rx
    1:45 60# sandbag run

  • Neal

    Sheree, we just had some of those shirts sent out today! They are a little different though.

  • Rachel G

    Sheree I was just rolling into bed at lauberge. Lol. Are the shirts going to be different colors?

  • Cassi

    I have this shirt!:)

  • TonyaD

    love new shirts!!! i want one of these….

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