The First Hurdle

The First Hurdle

About a week ago Koy sent me some information from the Crossfit main site that outlines the process for affiliation. I haven’t even begun to look into that because I assumed that was months away. Anyways, the info he sent me specifically stated that you shouldn’t register a domain name with Crossfit until AFTER you have been approved for affiliation……

Oh like I just did here with Crossfit Beaumont? FML

I wasn’t sure what to do. What will happen when they find out? Will I have to take down the blog or register another domain? Did I just potentially put myself in a bad light with Crossfit HQ? I was freaking out a little. I emailed Crossfit HQ and told them the situation. I made sure they realized that I wasn’t advertising myself as a trainer or a Crossfit gym, just keeping people updated on the process of starting the gym. It was definitely the right move to go to them before they came to me. It’s not like I was trying to hide anything, just wanted them to be clear what the site intended for in case someone from HQ stumbled upon it.

The next day I received an email that requested I call Kathy Glassman to discuss the situation. As soon as I saw the name Glassman in the email I got a little nervous (Greg Glassman is the founder). Luckily, she was awesome.

I shouldn’t have been nervous; she was very nice and extremely helpful. She informed me that I do in fact need to be affiliated before I can use the Crossfit name. She said that I should go ahead and affiliate now so no one can swoop in and steal the name Crossfit Beaumont. I was open to the idea except that I’m not looking to open the gym until another 6 months and the affiliation fee is $2000/year so I would be wasting half of the first year’s fee without really having a gym.

Kathy was very accommodating.  She explained that the affiliation process can take up to 3 months but they would extend it to 6 months for me. How awesome is that! So after my Level 1 certification this weekend (required before you can apply) I’ll apply for affiliation. Not exactly sure what will happen during the 6 months from application to being official but I’ll get that all figured out next week. I can’t be more pleased with how this turned out.

This was the first mistake of what I’m sure will be many. You live and you learn, right? I should have done some more research before registering the domain name. I didn’t think I would be going through the affiliation process until December or January but I’m glad I’ll have this squared away. Next week I’ll give you an update on the process and give everyone a rundown on the Level 1 certification.



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