Time to Work!

 In The Daily WOD

Front Squat:
Work Up to a heavy single
5 Rounds:
4 Ground to Overhead (185/135)
Spring 50m
10 KB Swings (55/35)
35 Double Unders
Sprint 50m

Notes: The G2OH is any way you want. Snatch it, Clean and Jerk it, Magically Levitate it, whatever. We will do the G2OH in the gym , and the KB Swings/DU by the furthest dumpster away from the gym.

Sean is out of town this week, so you’ll be seeing some different coaches at times. Today you’ll have Stefan Salinas, coach at CrossFit Mid County. Give him a great big “hello” when you see him today.

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  • Katie

    108# FS (10# pr)
    16:38 w/ 73# G2O, 35# kb, 3x singles

  • Lisa H

    75# FS
    12:21 45# G2O, 25# kb (russian), 3x singles
    Enjoyed having Stefan as coach today!

  • Kaitlin

    145# FS
    16:03 – 75#GTO, 35KB, 3x singles

  • Tara

    125# FS
    14:12-75# GTO
    35# KB, 25 Du’s
    (Should’ve done the full 35 Du’s though)
    *It was great having Stefan filling in!

  • Clayton Manzer

    16:21 as Prescribed. At the firehouse, so I couldn’t do the front squats.

  • melissa

    16:16 75#gtoh, 35#kb, 3x singles

  • Grant Anderson

    12:04 155#, 55# KB, DU.
    Front squat PR @ 245#

  • Grant

    225# FS
    16:02 @ 185#, 55#, 3x singles
    Thanks Stefan

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