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427922_3690234943212_698763202_nWOD 2/8/13

Squat clean Find a one rep max.

Once you find your max complete 2 sets of 10 unbroken deadlift at your max clean weight.

“Running Karen”

150  Wall Ball (20/14)

every time you drop the ball run 200m

Hint: Don’t drop the ball

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  • Brooke

    That’s my boy!!

  • Greg

    215# squat clean 30#PR

    10:02rx for Karen

  • Scott

    Failed SQ @ 175#. Writing that looks better than my crappy 155 # SQ which sucks. 13:48 RX on WOD. Thanks for the chocolate paleo banana breakfast, Katie. Good stuff.

  • Allie

    138# Squat Clean – 15# PR

    13:30 RX on running Karen. That was no joke!

  • K Doubt

    135# Squat clean – 15# PR

    12:23 RX on Karen. Tried to do as many WBs as possible because I just really didnt want to run! 🙂

    Awesome job on all the PRs this AM!! And we had a yummy mini-potluck Paleo breakfast as a treat after class. Great morning!

  • Braxton

    185# squat clean

    12:09 RX

  • K Doubt

    135# Squat clean (15#pr)

    12:23 RX … Tried to do as many unbroken WBs because I seriously despise running!

    Awesome jobs on all the PRs today! And our special mini Paleo potluck breakfast this morning was a special treat. Great start to the day!

  • JJ

    working out for one day was a terrible idea….my legs arent functioning currently and my abs are toar up……this sucks

  • Elyse

    158# squat clean (18# pr!)

    And then i just did regular Karen because my calf/ankle have been killing me lately… 6:57 RX

  • Katy

    133 on squat cleans (8#pr), 15:39 def ran close to a mile it sucked!

  • Miranda

    Holy friggen crap, you ladies are amazing! I may need to come back to Beaumont for a little while! Or just start watching this board more often.

  • Zack

    Thanks to everyone for bringing your paleo food this morning!

  • Ashley T.

    98# squat clean. 18# PR!!

    13:48 10# wallball

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