WOD 11/5/10

5 Rounds:
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats (95#/65#)

This is one of the coolest video’s I’ve seen of Olympic Weightlifting. Watch their form; how the arms stay straight until the hips reach full extension, how they pull the bar into their hips, the near vertical bar path, how low they land in the squat. Technique is EVERYTHING

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  • Jay

    Twas cold this morning.
    14:33 75#….nice work Jeremy and Partha, good heads up race.

  • JeremyWF

    11:51 RX
    Good thing Partha was there or my time would have been a couple minutes slower.

  • Amber

    The Burninator, I have a pic of him on my phone!

  • JeremyWF

    The last time we did this in May, my time was 14:23 and I used 75# instead of 95#.

  • cassi

    Nancy got the best of me this morning!! It was cooooold and I was a whiney hiney!!!!

  • toben

    it was kind of adorable/pathetic to see you running w/ your arms tucked into your t-shirt… big E for effort though! 🙂

  • JJ

    13:38 with 65#
    last time i used 45# and finished at 12:48

    so coaches is this improvement? slower time but more weight

  • cassi

    hehe thanks for putting adorable before pathatic toben!!:-) i really don’t have a tolerence for the cold!

  • Neal

    JJ – I’d say that’s big improvement. You increased the weight almost 50% and only added 50 seconds to your time. Nice work!

  • JeremyWF

    Saturday Workout
    4 rounds
    10 thrusters @ 95#
    15 DU
    Around 5 minutes(I forgot to look at time)

    AMARP – 9 minutes
    200m run
    10 kb swings @ 70lb
    10 pushups
    5.5 rounds

  • JJ

    thrusters at 75# and 45 singles…. 4:23

    2nd wod.
    6 rounds + 10 swings …53#

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