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Coach Clayton and Dave Castro (he programs the CF Games WOD’s)

WOD 3-23-12

KB Snatch 3-3-3-3 (per arm, increase the weight only if you are comfortable)

“Dumbell DT”   5 Rounds:

  • 9 DB Deadlifts (45/30)
  • 6 DB Hang Cleans
  • 3 DB Push Press

Choose a weight that you can use for all 3 movements. If you can’t push press it well, scale scale scale.

Don’t forget CrossFit Beaumont will be hosting “Friday Night Lights” from 7:30pm till late. We will be doing CrossFit Games Open WOD 12.5 and throwing a party after to celebrate the end of the 2012 Open. Wanna do the WOD, or maybe just see some of the area’s best athletes throw down? Come join us! Check CFB’s Facebook page for more info HERE

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  • Clayton Manzer

    Introduced myself and first thing out of his mouth “nice G-Shock”. Good dude. Regionals was the best learning experience I’ve ever had in CrossFit. And I met fitness Lonnie. “Let’s Get IT!”

    • Annette

      My question is saiilmr to Emily’s ..I am entering FLE, and we have to be able to run a 10-miler, and for someone like me who is not a naturally-gifted runner, should I be supplementing the CFE with long runs? I’ll be honest, I did CFE when it was the 3-on, 1-off schedule, but this new 3-sport or 1-sport schedule just does not seem to have enough running in it to make a weak runner able to have the cardio endurance for a 10-mile run. Due to this, I’ve gone back to performing CF with the more traditional running schedule. I know doing this new CFE that has been in effect the last 12-weeks would enhance my 2-3 mile time, but I’m not sure if it would help me get past the lactic threshold that takes effect in longer runs. If anyone has seen gains in both long and short distances, I would love to hear from you. Did you only do the run workouts, or supplement them with biking, swimming, or both? Any advice is appreciated.

    • Kayla

      So I’m a couple days off and need to get some nnuring in today. Is the S&C programming on the Rest Days any different in terms of volume than what you might have on a normal work day?Anyway, today was:PP: (45 for form), 65, 75, 95, 115, 135SJ: (45 for form), 95, 95, 105, 115, 125, 13560ish lungesHollow rocks very tough at endProbably could have taken the weights up higher/ faster for the PP. Maybe could go higher on the SJ but not real comfortable with the lift yet. Seems like more of an athletic movement than a strength movement.

  • Staff

    I like this WOD!

    And while I didn’t meet Dave Castro he did say “sweet mohawk” while passing by.

    • Sachinrsachi

      PR’d on my 2k row (might be the first time I have ever done a strict 2k row)7:16.5, quads were rlaely smoked from Nancy on Wed and Full stupid Cleans in Elizabeth yesterday.

    • Suresh

      The answer I’ve ogtten before and from the Crosfit BrandX forums is that the time is really what you need to switch out the weights, and feel like you can get back under the bar but still be working. The goal seems to be to try to take it up into PR territory for the last two sets. So that means I’m getting gassed by the end and was especially true today with the SJ sets. I needed and took a couple minutes between the last two lifts and had a little bit of fear getting back under the bar.I think that on a day like today it’s close to no rest (maybe switch out the weights and 30 secs) for the 5s and as needed getting to the 3s. The SJ is a totally different exercise so I took a couple minutes, did a dummy set with the bar for technique, and got to it. But again, by that 23, 24th lift it took a little time to be ready to go again.

  • Clayton

    Glad to see Neal is bringing back the hawk!

  • Jarlenio

    Here’s a CFE theory etsquion: Can progress in endurance sports be narrowed down to one aspect? Strength & conditioning (S&C) or weight loss? In other words would a greater benefit (benefit = increased peformance, increased rate of recovery) come from either (A) constant strength+decreased body mass, or (B) constant body mass+increased strength (effectively maintaining body mass to strength ratio)? Ideally the endurance athlete would not want extra baggage and would want to be as light as possible while being as strong as possible, minimizing the body mass to strength ratio. In other sports such as American football or others that have weight classes, body weight plays a more obvious strategic role in what position or class the athlete would perform best. I’d love to hear some thoughts from the group.

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  • Gilberto Wlodarek

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  • Noma Goodreau

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