Two Step

 In The Daily WOD

Tara, Chelsey and Chad maxing out the handstand holds

WOD 120504

Back Squat


For Time:

1K Row
7 Kb Snatch (Per Arm)(55/35)
7 Burpees

Dont forget to make plans this saturday for the Kill Cliff CrossFit Beaumont Combine. We’ll be testing everyone in max efforts of various movements. Everyone is invited to compete or even just come watch. Its sure to be an exciting event with tons of PR’s set. Don’t miss out on this event. It will be a blast. Thanks to Kill Cliff for providing a case of their recovery drink to the top Male and Female finishers.

Also, coach Clayton is extending his Advocare Distributor level discount to everyone for a limited time. Visit to take a look at the World Class products Advocare has. Then contact him about saving 30%. Athletes all over the map rely on Advocare to supplement their diet and bring their training to the highest level. Whether its weight loss, energy, general wellness, or Elite level supplements, Advocare has a product sure to provide you with the goals you’re looking for.

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  • Grant

    225#, 9:54 (2 ab mats)

  • Shaneka Callado

    its all a joke, silly.

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  • Marcela Holbert

    Hi Rebecca! Yes, as the contest just closed a few days ago, we are going to be reviewing the Cruise in Chartreuse pins soon! So glad you had fun pinning 🙂 We will definitely let everyone know when we decide on a winner.

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  • Joe Beuchat

    Or kicking Jefferson Davis in the ass

  • Giuseppe Zipperer

    I would like to join the challenge!

  • Jacqui Myra

    We have tried anything I know to get the post to go to “read more” it just brings me again for the same post no more text shows.

  • Angelita Krishman

    I loved making this quilt, so much, I’m working on it yet again! Hopefully I’ll have more to share next week, so far it’s in pieces.

  • Tena Oneill

    Often appreciate the giveaways posts amongst the normal posts!

  • Sharee Tartaglia

    Brilliant! Thanks 😀

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