Visiting Home

Visiting Home

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the family in Beaumont and had a great time relaxing with the family by the pool. It was awesome just hanging out and enjoying everyone’s company.  I also checked out a possible location for the gym. It was a 3000SF warehouse with a roll up door but the location wasn’t very good. Nowhere to do a 400 or 800m run, not a lot of parking, and not an area of town you would want to start a business. This one didn’t look like the right fit, but there is still plenty of time to search out a location for the box.

I also got the chance to tell friends and family in Beaumont that the gym will be here by April. There were some issues that were brought up but nothing big enough to discourage this from becoming a reality. Will Beaumont support this type of gym, will I be able to get enough clients, will people stick with it, and mainly, will people pay this much for training? I’ll cover this later in another post.

There was also a lot of positive feedback and many people who said they’d be interesting in joining CFB. If just the people who said they wanted to do it actually came then I could be out of the red in the first month! Chances of that, however, are pretty slim. A lot of people like to say they want to get in shape; they try something for a month, and then gradually revert to their old ways. It takes real dedication to stick with a program. I want to show people that Crossfit workouts can be extremely rewarding. When someone sticks to this program 100% the gains that can be seen in the first few months can be tremendous. In the past 6 months I’ve seen more weight loss, strength gain, and body transformation than any other time in my life. And it’s not just me, it’s for everyone I’ve talked to who has stuck with this program.

Did I mention that these workouts are fun? You’re working out with a group of like-minded people who are cheering each other on and you’re accomplishing feats that you’ve probably never done before. It’s an extremely satisfying feeling afterwards. Chances are you haven’t done a handstand, played on rings, or measured how high or far you can jump lately. But once you start you’ll realize that exercising is a pretty good time.



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