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WOD 10-21-13

Pistols 4×5 (per leg)

Do 10 pushups between each set of pistols. Make each set more difficult than the last.

5 Rounds:
• ME Air Squats
• ME Push Press (95/65)
Rest 1 min between rounds

Squats will be completed as soon as you rest for any amount of time. Push Press will be completed once the bar is dropped (you may rest in the front rack). Score each round separately; score is total reps per round.

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  • Tara

    Pistols-red band and 10# plate for foot
    Push-ups- w/25# vest on


    Push-ups after party-45 Rx

  • Katie Tucker

    85-60-60-60-65 RX
    75 pushups

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