Why I love Crossfit Part 2 – “The Community”

Why I love Crossfit Part 2 – “The Community”

I’ve told you guys about the first reason I love Crossfit – it works. Coming in at an extremely close second is the community.  When you join a Crossfit gym you are also getting a new network of friends. I was at an LA Fitness for an entire year before I started Crossfit and during that entire time knew about 2 people there out of around 500 that had a membership. I mainly just said hello to those two and might give them a spot on a heavy lift. That was it.

Crossfit is set up in as a group setting. Everyone attends certain classes each day, everyone does the same WOD (workout of the day) at the same time, and everyone is giving it their all. As you get your schedule figured out you begin to regularly attend the same class time and you quickly become friends with everyone in the class. You chat about work and family while warming up, you encourage each other during the workout, and you joke around afterwards and generally just get to know each other. You quickly realize that everyone is there for you and wants to see you succeed.

Also, working out with a group makes you want to work out harder, and enables you to push yourself further than you thought you could. It’s a great feeling when everyone is cheering you on to finish your last few reps of an exercise. That extra push allows you to run faster, lift more, and go longer than you’d normally be capable of. That extra effort is huge and will enable you to attain your goals faster. Having an awesome community is like that caffeine shot before the workout to get you pumped up and ready to go.

Until CFB opens you should try to find a workout partner. Encourage each other, push them to work a little harder, and hold each other accountable. They can be your accountabili-buddy. There are also a lot of fun workouts that you can do only do with a partner; let me know if you need some ideas.



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