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WOD 130110

Deadlift Ladder – Quickly work up to around 75% of your 1 rep max and then complete one rep every minute adding 10lbs after each successful lift. Stop when your form breaks down or you can no longer complete a given rep during that minute.

AMRAP in 14
3 DL (225/155)
4 Mutant Man-makers (45/30)
5 Hollow Rocks
6 T2B

All Classes are ON!!!!! Sorry 6am for yestrdays false call. 

2 Weeks free starts next week! Talk it up to any of your last minute friends who have been holding back! Remember, anyone who attends 4 or more of the classes will get half off of their on-ramp, only having to take 1 class. It’s a great time to get an idea of just how well CrossFit is suited for all levels!

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  • Tara

    205# DL 1 Rep max
    6 Rds +….1 MM (25#,135#, K2C)

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