About Us



CrossFit Lumberton is an elite strength and conditioning facility that fully embraces the CrossFit philosophy. We offer daily classes, sport specific training, personal training, and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. We teach a 360 degree approach to health and fitness, encompassing diet, training, and lifestyle. We are not your “20 minute get ripped quick program,” and it’s best to check your ego at the door.


We are a COMMUNITY of trainers, clients, family, and friends all mutually dedicated to the improvement of ourselves, the improvement of others, and the improvement of the local community through health and fitness. Every time you walk through the door you will be challenged, you will be coached, you will be educated, and you will be motivated.


We believe that quality coaching improves results, prevents injury, and provides proper motivation. Our trainers are a dedicated collective of fitness experts, and our members are a tight-knit community. We welcome those of all skills, abilities, and physical levels. Our members range from division 1 athletes to grandmothers and everyone in between. The best way to learn about CrossFit is to come experience it. Trust us… You won’t be disappointed!


What distinguishes us from many CrossFit affiliates today is that our primary goal is not Group Exercise classes. Yes, we have group classes for our experienced members – members whose baseline fitness and technical skills are sound.


Instead, at CrossFit Lumberton you will have a personal coach to welcome you to CrossFit basics and then our members move to group classes..


We believe what Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, articulated in the CrossFit Journal article ‘What is Fitness’. He suggested that in order to gain fitness – be it fitness for life or as an elite athlete – you need to do constantly varied, functional movements at a high intensity.


And nobody said mastering functional movements was easy. So while intensity is important, it’s more important to develop mechanics and consistency first.Read more about the kind of movements that get you fit here. Read more about mobility, and injury prevention here. Read more about the 10 general physical skills here. Read more about nutrition here.


Glassman’s concept of fitness, combined with what we have learned through trial and error over the years, tells us that people learn most effectively the higher the coach to student ratio. Ideally, most effective learning happens in a one-on-one, or at the very least a two-on-one environment.


You will start off by completing few one-on-one or two-on-one private training sessions, where you will be coached by a CrossFit certified instructor. The coaches at CrossFit Lumberton come from diverse athletic backgrounds and experience, but they all have one thing in common, they care.