808 Boom


Dangerous Side-Arm

 WOD 11/13/12

Hang Squat Snatch – 12 minutes to find a heavy single


AMRAP in 20 minutes of (w/35lb vest):
Run 1000m – This is only done once to start the workout.
20 Double-unders
15 Wall Balls (20/14lbs)
10 Elevated Push-ups
5 Pull-ups

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  • Scott

    4-plus rounds with 25 lb. vest. As always, another fun day at CFB with cool people.

  • Krystal

    3 rounds, plus DU, Wallball and 8 pushups of the 4th round. 20lb vest. Had I dropped the purple band – this would have been my first Rx workout- I think.

    I have scratch marks on my face from the wall ball, and Im pretty sure I was on my bum more than standing. It was an epic mess!

  • Sheree Pierce

    Krystal you pulled it off with grace and style!
    I got 3 rounds plus 2 dus. (Scaled to 10, but 2 rounds the 10 were unbroken: ssd.) I used a purple band for push-ups and blue ONLY for the pull ups. That was a step.

  • BeckyReddoch

    75# (5#pr) before we ran out of time.

    4 rounds 10#, regular push ups and pull ups

    I liked this one! and all the snatch practice lately!

  • Taillon

    5 rds and 1 push up. No vest. Worked on my butterflies, which looked more like beached whales.

  • Greg

    5 rds (24″ box jumps, wall balls, GHD back raises and hollow rocks)

  • Katy

    4 rounds rx( no vest and reg push ups) this was my first workout to RX pull-ups and did 20!!!!

  • Ann

    All I can say about today is…… I was there. I might have gotten 3 rounds. Tomorrow is another day and I will do better. 🙂

  • Michele Stone

    4 rounds plus 10 DU, no vest lol, 14 # wall ball, blue band

  • Kara R

    4 rounds + DUs RX except the vest. Kinda wish I had tried it.

    Did 75# snatch before time ran out so I stayed around and did it again and got 93#.

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