Bootcamp and Yoga/Pilates programs

Bootcamp and Yoga/Pilates programs

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Starting on June 30th, we will be offering two new programs! One program will be a 6 week Bootcamp, the other is a 6 week Yoga/Pilates program.

Bootcamp classes will be held on Mon-Tues-Thurs, with 2 class times available. One at 9am, the other at 4:30pm. This program is geared toward burning fat, increasing cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, moving lighter weights faster, and getting you in shape fast! It is scalable to any fitness level. This is a “nobody gets left behind” program, so don’t think that you can’t handle it! Challenge yourself today and you’ll be unafraid of tomorrow! Since this is out first Bootcamp, we are offering introductory pricing at a discount. Get 6 weeks of intense training for just $99! Class sizes will be limited to 15 people, so get signed up ASAP!

Yoga will be held on Mondays and Thursdays, Pilates will be held on Tuesdays. Both classes will be held at 10am, right after our Bootcamp. Are you ready to maximize your core strength and total body flexibility? Get signed up for this 6 week program now for just $90!  Want to do the whole 6 week program but not sure you’ll make it to every class? Anyone who signs up and attends 14  or more classes (out of 18) will receive a $20 refund at the end of the program! We do have drop-in rates for anyone wanting to come and go at their leisure; the rate is $8 per class.

Click HERE to sign up now! Anyone who wants to do both programs will get a 10% discount off the total price of both programs.

For more info:
Stacey Millican 409-767-1806
Sean Hardy 409-504-7578



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