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griffIn honor of USAF SSgt Travis L. Griffin, 28, who was killed April 3, 2008 in the Rasheed district of Baghdad by an IED strike to his vehicle. Travis is survived by his son Elijah.

Your WOD today is dedicated to this hero. We’re choosing not to post it here to let it be a surprise for you.


After Party:
Max Rep Push-Ups
You may choose to make 2 attempts at this effort. Your best attempt will count. In order for this to be considered “as prescribed”, guys will do the pushups from the rings, ladies from the standard “toes” position. Top 5 Men and Women make the board


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  • Stevie

    If it’s the hero WOD I found online then it sounds like torture. Congrats to everyone on the new PR’s yesterday.

  • Tara

    “Griffin”-15:22 Rx Feel the burn!!
    Max push ups:
    1st try-30 Rx
    2nd try-37 Rx
    (Thanks to Patricia for beating
    My 1st try because she pushed
    Me to do more! Love the challenge
    And love how everyone cheers
    Everyone on no matter how many you do!)

  • Stevie

    Great job Tara. Does anyone know how we are looking as far as members signing up for the open? Individuals and team.

  • Lisa H

    Finished “Griff” @ 18:38.
    Also, I can say I actually RX’d a WOD today!
    Way to go Tara, Patricia and Melissa on the push-ups today!

  • wendy h

    20.25 on griff
    Cant believe I finished it!

  • Stevie

    Looks like some solid times. As much as I hate running I’d rather of been doing Griff than working today. Looking forward to tomorrow. Don’t forget everyone we have the battle of the boxes coming up also along with the crossfit games open.

  • Grant

    11:54 Rx
    32 Pushups Rx

  • Tara

    Stevie….as far as I know for ladies on CFL team
    It’s me, Shelley, Katie T., Katie W., Stacey, Chelsey,
    Shannon and that’s all I know as far as now. The guys
    Are Grant, Grant, Sean, Clayton,and not sure who else.

  • Grant Anderson

    11:39 Rx
    40 pushups

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