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You just wish you could do a Human Flagpole like Sean!

WOD 121130

AMRAP in 30 minutes:
5 Squat Cleans
400m Run
10 Deadlift
5 Jerks
rest 2 minutes between rounds 

There is no prescribed weight. Pick a load that is heavy for you. If you do all the squat cleans touch and go and all the Jerks unbroken then you should probably add weight.

*Check out CFB’s post from yesterday to compare your time. THIS WOD IS AWESOME!!!!

Best of luck to all of our athletes competing this weekend in the Slay Bell Showdown. Best wishes. Kick some serious tail!


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  • Lisa H

    5 Rounds @ 53#.

  • Grant

    4 Rds. @ 175#

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